Off the Mat, Into the World: Yoga Workshops Near Squaw Valley Lodge

Off the Mat, Into the World is a yoga workshop that applies the principles of yoga to community building and activism projects. Starting with self-empowerment, the program emphasizes communication and leadership skills. These core teachings are designed to help tackle social justice issues, create a community of yogis, and collaborate with local organizations to take action. Develop relationships with like-minded people in the Lake Tahoe/Squaw Valley region, choose from a variety of training programs, and turn mindful exercise into conscious action and grassroots change. To learn more about the mission and values of this yoga workshop, you can read about the Theory of Change and see the upcoming schedule of events at

As a unique program, this is an opportunity to better yourself and help improve the greater good. Whether you’re here for vacation or live in the local region, you’re invited to get involved. Yoga is inherently a healthy hobby, a productive use of your time that leaves you feeling positive, confident, and accomplished. Lower your stress, build confidence, and stay in shape while you’re doing something fun and meaningful. Furthermore, the intensive training allows you to challenge yourself and think about the bigger picture at the same time. If you’re ready to look within as well as around you, this is an opportunity to tap into the powerful present moment as well as a global yoga community.

If you’re visiting the area and interested in yoga workshops, our condo-style lodging is the perfect place for you to stay. With an onsite fitness center, soothing spa services, six bubbling hot tubs, and the breathtaking natural beauty of the lake and mountains, you can plan an ideal health and wellness getaway in the heart of this vacation paradise.


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