Covered In Mud: Must Be Tough!

There is no wimpy way to say this: Get ready for 10 miles of hills, mud, water, climbing, crawling and even 10,000 volts of electric shocks. Why do people pay money to endure such a feat? Because the Tough Mudder event is not for the weak at heart, body, mind or spirit. Once you cross the finish line you can toot your own horn at all of the ice-water dunking, belly-crawling, wall-climbing and team building you conquered on some of the toughest mountain terrain in Northern California with a 2,300 foot elevation gain!

The Nor-Cal Tough Mudder will take place September 17th-18th, and host approximately 10,000 men and women up for the challenge. The race is complete with 19 different obstacles, and features a FireWalker, where participants must run through fire! Hopefully the backdrop of beautiful Lake Tahoe and the vistas of Squaw Valley ease the mental pain of participants as they push through one of the most difficult physical competitions in the country (if not world).

Because this is not your average Ironman with a twist, at the finish line you will receive a congratulatory beer and access to the Dos Equis Post Party. There, you will be offered a voucher for a free tattoo of the Tough Mudder logo (now that’s gutsy!), a chance to munch on delish BBQ, rock out to live music, or simply pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Where else to experience such an event than at Squaw Valley? If you have not yet registered as a participant there are spectator tickets available! Come cheer on the ones who have decided to torture themselves for the day.


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